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Becoming a Member

You are automatically a member of the Concept Packaging Rewards Program if you already have an account with Concept Packaging Products. If you don't have an account with Concept Packaging Products please call 1300 650 926 to arrange an account and become a member of the industry's ONLY Rewards Program.

Earning Reward Points

It's easy! You are automatically credited with 500 rewards points for every $100 of purchases you make from Concept Packaging Products. Points are automatically credited to your account at the end of each month and accumulate over time so you can earn larger and larger rewards prizes over the course of the program.

Claiming Your Concept Packaging Rewards Prizes

Claims may be made online at any time. You may claim prizes using part or all of your total points earned, or "roll over" your points to the final claim date to save for larger prizes.

Please allow 45 days from the end of each month for processing, handling and delivery of your reward prizes. All reward points not claimed by the final claim date shall be declared null and void, so please be sure to claim all points to which you are entitled.

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