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What Would You Do If You Have A Major Spill In Your Kitchen?
What Would You Do If You Have A Major Spill In Your Kitchen?
  • The best tool to have on hand when spills & leaks occur in your operation. Prepackaged in a plastic pail with lid, handle & clearly marked for “Spill Response”. An all inclusive system ready to help you respond to the nastiest of spills. Includes the following components:
  • Pig® Absorbent Pads (30/kit) - Use pink pads to quickly absorb small spills or puddles. Pads are 279mm x 330mm & can absorb 330ml of liquid each.
  • Pig® Absorbent Socks (2/kit) - Use to absorb leaks & and contain larger spills by wrapping them around equipment or puddles. Socks are 120cm long, 76mm in diameter and can absorb 2850ml if liquid.
  • Pig® Heavy Fluid Pads (6/kit) – Use these white pads to pick up thick fluids such as paint, syrup, honey or liquid chocholate. Pads are 216mm x 279mm and can absorb approx 900ml of liquid.
  • Light Duty Wipers (50/kit) – Use to finish clean up after all liquid is absorbed. Wipes are 305mm x 330mm and will remain intact while carrying out light cleaning tasks, even if solvents are used.
  • Disposal Bags with Ties (2/kit) – Use to collect all used products for disposal. Bags are clearly marked “Caution Handle With Care”.
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